Gardening is a relaxing and entertaining activity, especially for those of us who have one at home. To give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the coolest garden gadgets to help jazz up your outdoor space.

As always, tech companies have been on hand with gardening gadgets to help us take better care of our outdoor spaces.
Our pick of gardening gadgets will help you turn your outdoor space into the place to be this summer. These gadgets include garden tools like mini chainsaws and smart sprinkler systems to portable projectors and al fresco cooking kits.

Box for smart birds by Gardenature


Getting to know the feathered friends inhabiting your garden is easy with a smart bird box. The range of IP camera bird boxes offered by Gardenature is one of our favorites. A live HD video stream is available from within these bird boxes to your smartphone or tablet.

Most birdboxes require just one cable from the birdbox back to your router. However, the company also sells powerline adapters that can push your internet signal through your electrical ring main and save you running cables for miles.

Portable speaker Sonos Move


In a single box, the Mars II has all the features you need, making it really easy to set up. As a result, you’ll get access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer through the built-in Wi-Fi, a decent speaker, and a rechargeable battery that gives you four hours of runtime.

A blank wall can be aimed at and the projector will automatically focus and correct keystone. If you want the best picture, keep the projection smaller than 100 inches with a resolution of 720p HD.

As well, we recommend starting the movie as soon as it’s dark. While it won’t be the brightest picture you’ve ever seen, with convenience and ease-of-use on its side, it’s perfect for making those summer nights a whole lot more fun.

Smart Grilling Hub for Weber Connect


Weber BBQ kings have thankfully created a clever bit of tech that makes it easy to get it right every time while giving you a bit more freedom.

As you flip burgers and turn sausages, the Weber Connect gives you step-by-step instructions.

It comes with two probes for cooking meat, but can accommodate two more to monitor four pieces of meat at once. You can keep an eye on the meat’s temperature and, with the Weber Connect app, follow step-by-step instructions for cooking it correctly every time.

This BBQ technology works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, so you don’t have to replace your current BBQ to update it.

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