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With the arrival of the digital world, the behavior of people (and therefore, of buyers) has changed.

Now users have more information when making decisions and this has resulted in companies having to adapt to better offer their products or services and through a greater number of platforms or channels.

Faced with this reality, companies have the challenge of positioning themselves and gaining a presence on the internet and, specifically, on social networks.

But, in reality, more than a challenge, the presence in social networks is one of the most valuable opportunities that companies have. To the extent that they know how to use and enhance their digital channels, they will be able to impact their business objectives.

How can they do it? Here we go with recommendations:

Implement a Social Media Strategy

Although it seems a bit obvious, the first advice you should follow is to implement a social media strategy that allows you to increase your reach, visibility and interactions.

It is not about “publishing for the sake of publishing”, but about being clear about what, how and when to make publications that really impact and capture the attention of users and potential customers.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Temporary) not only apply to business plans, but also to your social media strategies.

You need to define a clear picture of where you want to go with your social media presence, what you want to achieve, and what you’re willing to do to achieve it.

Identify the Buyer Persona… And focus on it!

Although the buyer persona is that fictitious representation of your ideal client and will be useful to know who you are selling your product or service of SEO or your product to, the reality is that all the data you find about that target audience will help you understand how to speak to them.

Take a look at this example. Imagine that your business sells fragrances for women. Are they your buyer person? Definitely, they would be one of your buyer personas, a woman with certain characteristics who can acquire your product or is interested in it.

But what about men? They could also be your buyer person! They could be interested in buying a perfume for their partner, mother, a relative or perhaps a friend. What must change then to have a personalized impact on each of these segments? The message!

Create an attractive and interesting content plan for your social networks

Start by determining publication categories, the topics you will address, how you will help your followers so that your profiles do not become a sales catalog. But on a platform with relevant content to create value links.

Use storytelling and copywriting techniques in your posts!

In general, storytelling is the art of telling stories and, for its part; copywriting is responsible for the creation of texts with an advertising focus with the intention of persuading.

The first serves to connect and the second to sell

It is time that the texts of your publications on social networks are not limited to giving the characteristics of the product or service, but it is necessary that they tell a story or contain persuasive texts that manage to convince your users.

Look for opportunities in the context

What is your audience talking about? What is happening in the environment in which your brand operates? It is important that you take these topics and become part of the conversation.

Prospects will always feel more identified with those brands that know them, empathize with them and understand them.

Use a professional Logo

By using professional logo you can enhance your social performance more attractive. There are buddies who are giving the services of cheapest logo on Fiverr.

Analyze the best times to post

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow you to check the times when your users are mostly online.

On the other hand, apply logic to your brand and the products or services you market. For example, what is the best time to post the menu of a business that sells lunches? Without a doubt, it is much better one or two hours before lunchtime, than at night, don’t you think?

Use CTAs in your posts

The “Call to Actions” (CTAs) or calls to action in the publications of your social networks will allow your followers to have clear indications to interact with your brand.

Here are some examples of how your posts could end:

  • “Has something similar happened to you? Comment here how you experienced this situation!
  • “Click on our link in BIO and get more information”.
  • “Leave a comment with your email and we will send you the details you need.”
  • “Save this post so you can see it again later.”
  • “Did you find this information useful? Share it on your stories so others can see it.”

Include hashtags according to your brand

Hashtags or tags (#) will allow you to maximize your reach and allow users to find you through specific searches.

In this sense, it is necessary to find labels that are consistent with your enterprise or business. You can support yourself with internet platforms that will help you find the most appropriate ones.

Interact with your audience and create a strong bond with your followers!

Respond to comments, ask them how they feel, collect feedback on your products or services and make them part of your daily life. These are just some tips that can help you increase your presence on social networks and in this way the products and services you market can impact more people.

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