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Good segmentation is the key to making Facebook Ads campaigns successful. We reveal 10 tricks that will help you play with all the possibilities of Facebook ads to make the most of your budget.

Advertising on Facebook can be very effective if done right. With good campaign planning, you can get impressive results with less investment than in other media.

However, taking advantage of advertising on this social network is not easy. Among other things, it is necessary to establish clear objectives, know our audience and make them know you. Today we are going to see 10 ways to improve advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads.

1. Define Your Goals

All digital marketing strategies must start from this point. Being clear about the objectives you want to achieve with Facebook advertising is essential to create the ideal campaign. Geo targeting tool objectives will help you analyze whether the results are as expected.


With Facebook Ads it is very easy to set the objectives of a campaign. The platform itself asks you what you want to achieve: recognition, consideration or conversion. Think about whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, increase interaction or increase sales.

2. Use The Facebook Pixel

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The Facebook pixel is a code used to track campaigns. Once the code has been inserted into your web page, you will be able to know, among other things, how many users have visited your website from the advertisement, how many have completed the registration form, how many have purchased and, most importantly, what the cost of each conversion. This way you can reliably optimize your ads.

3. Forget About The Fans That Do Not Contribute

Trying to increase the number of fans at all costs is one of the most frequent mistakes when planning a Facebook Ads campaign. What you should pursue is to reach your audience, those people who may be really interested in your products or services.

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Direct your ads on Facebook to a segmented audience based on their age, their behavior, their preferences… For example, if you have a vegan restaurant, your audience will not be among those who love hunting.

4. Create An Ad Group For Each Segmentation

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Following on from the previous point, creating an ad group targeting people with very different interests is a mistake. There will be no way of knowing which interests work best for that Facebook ad.

Ideally, create an ad group for a single interest and see which groups perform best. The trial and error method never fails.

5. Segment By Devices

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Another way to optimize Facebook Ads is to create two ad groups, one for users who use computers and one for those who use mobile devices. For different screen sizes, the texts, images and calls to action should have different sizes. In addition, this way you will be able to know if your audience reaches you from the mobile or from the computer.

6. Segment By Behavior

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Facebook ads can be targeted by interests or behavior. We have already seen the usefulness of segmenting by interests. By segmenting your target audience by behavior, Facebook will display ads based on chosen behaviors. For example, people who buy online or who play video games.

7. Create Custom Calls To Action

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Facebook ads use a default call-to-action button. You can change it to better suit the type of business or advertising you do. The default button is usually “Learn more” but this call to action is not the one that works best in all cases. Perhaps it is more convenient for you to use the “Buy” button, for example.

A catchy call to action will help you get more clicks on your ad. And the higher the number of clicks, the higher the conversion rate.

8. Try A/B Tests

Framework for Facebook ads A/B testing

A/B tests are a great way to improve your Facebook Ads campaigns. Using them is very simple. You just have to create two versions of your ad with a small difference between them and see which one offers better results.

The possibilities of ad pairs are many. You can change the copy, the headline, the image, the call to action button. Remember to make only one change at a time. Otherwise, you won’t know what has influenced user behavior.

9. Take Advantage Of Remarketing

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Remarketing consists of addressing those people who already know you because they have visited your website before. If you use the Facebook pixel, you have the possibility to create a segmented list with users who have already visited you and target your ads to them.

It is always easier to convert someone who already knows you into a client than to make a new client who knows nothing about you.

10. Optimize Your Budget

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Even if your budget is limited, you can get a lot out of it if you distribute it properly. Facebook ads offer you the possibility of working with very low daily budgets. This system is very useful especially when you start your first campaigns.

Start with a low budget and see how your ad performs. Use the rest of the strategies that we have discussed to optimize your ad. Once you know which settings are most effective, you can increase your budget for that targeting and disable all other ads.

As you can see, there are many factors that must be taken into account when managing a Facebook Ads campaign. Although at first it may seem a bit overwhelming, with practice you will develop like a fish in water.

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