Smart Baby Gadgets That Will Make Parenting Easier

You may end up spending a lot of money on baby gadgets and products that claim to be a must-have. Our baby gadgets make your life easier as a parent – whether you want to help your baby sleep or monitor their oxygen levels.   We’ve rounded up 12 of the best baby products and coolest baby gadgets out there sure to help you along your way – from high-tech baby gear to smart gadgets. A healthy, happy, and well-fed child is the desire of every parent. We’ve rounded up some great smart gadgets for parents of newborns who want to embrace the wonders of parenting and technology. These gadgets make the early years easier, from smart thermometers to breathing monitors.

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

This was one of the most highly recommended products in our inbox. Everyone said it was worth the investment. You can watch your baby sleeping from above on any iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, or Echo Show device. The audio can be streamed to your phone and listened to even when your phone is off. With real-time sound and motion notifications, you can watch your baby’s entire night in seconds. Nanit Plus is a baby monitor I recommend to all dads.

It has great features for monitoring motion, breathing, and other vitals, according to Brandon Walsh. The Smart Sheet measures the baby’s height and growth. Getting sleep advice from experts is also possible. According to Parental Questions, the Nanit Plus is a sleep monitor, breathing sensor, and sleep, coach. All your devices can watch your baby sleep. Those who work late at night will benefit from Nanit Plus.

Talli Baby Tracker

The Talli records everything a baby does, including how long they sleep, eat, and poop. In the case of her second child, SPY contributor Allison Bowsher used the Talli. It was easy to keep track of her son’s progress without manually recording timing, duration, measurements, etc. As a new mom, Lauren Longo struggled to track her baby’s information. One less thing to worry about. Let’s say you track feedings, diapers, sleep, or medications. By tracking Talli’s data, Longo was able to figure out how to get her daughter to sleep longer, giving her a little precious mental space.

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are available at almost every price point, so you can choose one that suits your budget and needs. It tracks a baby’s breathing, sleep patterns, and nursery conditions without any accessories attached. Detailed sleep stats and high-resolution streams of your baby can be accessed on your phone. SPY tested the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor. Sleep patterns and a video library of the baby’s movement helped piece together nightly feedings. We also liked the lullabies and white noise options, as well as the picture-taking feature.

With a travel case and floor stand, Miku stands out from other baby monitors. You can wall mount the Miku, but you can also use the floor stand to get the same bird’s eye view without drilling.  The floor stand makes it easy for parents to move the monitor between rooms.

Munchkin UV Diaper Pail

Munchkin’s UV Diaper Pail kills 99% of germs, including odor-causing bacteria. All that is needed is a power outlet, no batteries are required. Since it uses no chemicals, detergents, water, or heat, it is safe for kids to use. Hospitals use similar technology to eliminate germs and odors. A foot pedal and silent lid closure impressed SPY as well as its ability to reduce odors.

Babaste Baby Bottle Holder

Parents recommend Babaste’s Baby Bottle Holder for its design and ability to allow parents to multitask. Suction cups attach to a high chair, allowing hands-free feeding and improving hand-eye coordination. Additionally, it prevents them from throwing the bottle across the room. Due to its no-spill design, this bottle automatically repositions itself when your baby lets go.


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