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When our business starts to grow, we all inevitably come to the same conclusion. We have to start delegating and automating tasks to focus on what really matters. Here begins one of the key searches to achieve success: Find the best software development company that manages to exceed your needs and expectations and at the same time has sufficient capacity to accompany you in the process.

If you find yourself in this situation or in a similar one, you have come to the right place because today we reveal the 5 most important aspects that you must take into account when choosing a custom software development company.

Review The Trajectory And Success Stories Of The Candidates

After making the first screening where you already have an idea of ​​what you want and what the market offers, we imagine you will already have some favorites. It’s time to investigate them.

Check their previous projects to make sure they have been successful and that the technology they offer you has already been previously tested. Here keep in mind that the projects are similar to your sector, their sizes and their quality. A good indicator is usually that they have new projects, but also old ones, since it is a guarantee that they have a good support, growth and loyalty strategy.

Ask For Recommendations And Testimonials From Your Chosen Software Development Company

 One thing is what you see and another they tell you, and a client can be the best seller if he is satisfied or make you run away. You have the right to know the stories behind your next partner, so demand it, it will accompany you a good part of the way and, in addition to trusting, you have to know who we walk with. Tools like Google, Clutch or Glassdoor reviews can help you. LinkedIn is always a good ally for this type of research.

3. Find Someone Who Shares Vision And Values ​​With You

For a project to succeed, in addition to a good idea and technology, a soul is needed. And with soul we refer to a purpose consistent with a mission, vision and values. The chosen company must be in line with yours or the project will begin to “squeak” at minute zero.

4. Make Sure Your New Partner Understands Your Business Needs

This point is very important and is linked to point 1 where we told you that it was necessary for the company to have experience in the sector. Now to that experience we add the urgent need for your development partner to understand the particularities of the business in order to be able to focus efforts and priorities on the problems that may arise. In short, make sure you speak the same language.

5. Ask For A Detailed Proposal And Do Not Base Your Decision On The Price

You know what the saying goes, cheap can end up being expensive. We imagine that if you are experiencing growth, you know that this entails an investment and that we are not focused on saving, but rather on ensuring profitability.

When selecting the favorite, keep this in mind, do your calculations and ensure a successful return. On the other hand, review the proposal in detail and do not stay with any doubts.

The proposal for your software project, in addition to being clearly explained, must include basic things such as the calendar, the team, the chosen technology, the support conditions, documentation, etc.

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