Beach gadgets to look out for in 2022

Take your sunny escape to the next level with these chic summer essentials, cool accessories, and high-tech devices. You’re ready for your next ocean trip if you’ve already chosen your destination. Don’t forget to pack those cool beach gadgets that make all the difference along with a classy swimsuit, sand-free towel, and sunglasses.

You’ll be ready for a stylish, fun-filled summer at the beach with our top beach essentials for 2021.

There’s a lot to pack and plan for when it comes to beach days, from snacks to drinks to towels. We still pack the same things for beach trips despite technological advances? That’s not the case anymore. Get the most out of your beach vacation with these amazing, cutting-edge gadgets.


Best Beach and Patio


The beach season is here, and it can be difficult to pack for a day at the shore, whether you’re heading to Malibu, Montauk or elsewhere. Your umbrella-and-towel spot can become a well-prepared relaxation station with the right beach gear. You won’t want to drag an overloaded beach wagon or buckle under the weight of flimsy folding chairs and shades if you bring the wrong items.

Check out some of the coolest beach accessories that are as stylish as they are functional. Think wind-resistant umbrellas, super-absorbent towels, reef-safe sunscreens, sand-friendly totes, sunglasses, and wireless outdoor speakers.


Pack These Charming Beach


It is still necessary to have a few beach accessories in order to make your beach experience truly peaceful. You’ll still need a few beach accessories even with an ocean view and the sound of waves crashing. The feeling of lying on a sandy shore is even more heavenly when you’re lying on a plush towel or relaxing in a luxurious beach chair. With an umbrella or hat, you can make sure your skin is protected from those beaming rays as well. Functionality and style are not mutually exclusive when you’re on the beach.

Here are the beach accessories you must have before you head out to the beach. With Serena & Lily’s nautical finds and Loewe’s Paula Ibiza collection, you’ll have all the practical and stylish essentials you need for your excursion.

Sandless Beach Mat



You and your belongings will stay clean when you are at the beach with the CGear Original Mat. The revolutionary ground sheet features dual-weave layers that keep dirt, dust, and sand away from the shoreline. There is no doubt that this beach accessory is one of the best inventions ever! You will receive a 10% discount if you enter the code TRAVELAWAY10 at checkout.



Portable Beach Table

This clever portable wooden table will add a whole new dimension to your beach day. Portable Beer Tables are ideal for sunbathing or enjoying cold drinks on the beach during summer. Under a palm tree, you can also watch a movie or do some work on your laptop.

Made from premium materials and equipped with a bottle opener and a phone holder, this beach furniture enhances your littoral experience with class and convenience.

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