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We recently learned about the change of name in Facebook, which in the future will be called Meta; Google will not wait that long, soon (in 2022) it will rename its service for companies.

The old Google My Business will be called Google Business Profile.

And it will not be a simple “change of letters”. There will be news that will affect positioning or local SEO. Your business, whether you are self-employed or a company, should be in the new Google Business Profile.

Google My Business Management Austin tells you all the details about its operation.

What is Google Business Profile and how does it affect businesses?

It is the space that Google reserves so that companies and freelancers can manage their visibility in the search engine.

SMEs and freelancers will have a simpler and more user-friendly environment at their disposal. They will be able to manage their profiles through the search engine itself (verifying their businss profile) or on Google Maps.

Large companies will continue to have their Google My Business panel enabled to manage different profiles from that tool, although the long-term goal is to migrate the management of these large companies to a new application.

How does the new Google Business Profile work?

The most important change is that the Google My Busines application for small and medium businesses will disappear.

Although, as is often the case in these cases, it will be a gradual change to allow companies and the self-employed to adapt to the new environment.

With the disappearance of My Business, the technological giant intends to simplify the learning curve and reach a greater number of businesses.

In 2022, it will only be necessary to verify the company profile from the search engine and/or from Google Maps.

What should you do if you had a profile on Google My Business?

Any. The changes will automatically apply to all Google My Business accounts.

But, as we have mentioned, if you want to update your company information you will have to do it from Google’s own search engine or from Maps.

How to sign up for the new Google business profile?

To sign up for the new Google Business Profile you will have three ways:

  • Typing the name of your company in Google and clicking on “get verified”.
  • Accessing the Google Maps application and selecting your business.
  • Typing “my business” into Google and clicking on the first search result.

To complete the verification of your company you will have to follow the steps that Google itself will provide you.

This process will not vary substantially. You will receive a postal letter at the address of the business with a verification code that you will have to enter following the instructions.

How to improve the visibility of your local business?

Google recommends:

  • Keep the company profile updated with schedules and photos.
  • Add products or services, as appropriate.
  • Use Google Ads ads for higher visibility.
  • The new tools for busines that Google will implement in 2022 will be aimed at providing a simpler and more intuitive use.

Take advantage of them. With the help of Google you can increase the numbers of your business.

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