A Guide To Becoming A Social Media Missionary

Our goal at BKM is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. We are able to accomplish our mission with your prayers and financial support. I appreciate your help. Additionally, we want to support your efforts to witness to the lost and to encourage other believers. Please consider becoming a social media missionary with BKM. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter are used by close to 70% of Americans. There are more than 240 million people in the world today, and that number is growing by the minute. Using our resources on this virtual mission field is deeply burdened on my heart. You can help with that. Our weekly devotional is sent directly to your inbox if you subscribe to our email list. Sending that email to a family member or friend is the first step on the mission field. As well as our weekly devotional, we also post it on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Sharing those devotions with friends and followers makes you a social media missionary, as well as a great encouragement to our team.

How can I use social media missionary?

The gospel must be shared first! Your sermons or bible verses can be included!  The second thing you can do is connect with your supporters through this platform! You can share experiences you’ve had in your country, challenges you’ve faced, and prayer requests you’ve received, as well as pictures of your work! The third step is to start a conversation! Comment or privately message people about your work if they have questions about it!

What platforms should I use?

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are common social media platforms; however, you should decide which is best for you! You can determine which platforms are right for you by determining how much time you are willing to spend creating content and sharing it! Check out the apps your friends and supporters use if you’re still not sure!

What should I post?

You can create great content with pictures, graphics, videos, and blogs! You don’t have to be a designer to participate! It is easy to create visual content with free resources, like Canva! Authenticity comes from telling your own story and adding a personal touch!

Isn’t social media a bad thing?

I wouldn’t say that completely! As a result of social media missionary, we have been able to stay connected and to make so many technological advancements. In spite of social media’s shortcomings, you can contribute to combating them by sharing positive uplifting messages.

What about privacy?

Protecting your privacy is as simple as sharing only what you wish to share. Share it online only if it won’t put you in danger! In addition, you can set privacy settings for your account, but if you decide to create a public page, be sure to review it first!

What if social media takes away my attention from the mission field?

Setting boundaries is the best way to combat this! Prepare a schedule for posting, creating, and reading other content before you begin to share! Do a social media missionary fast if you find yourself spending more time online than in person. Despite the fact that Jesus did not fast from social media, he taught us the importance of fasting in order to build a relationship with God. Whenever you feel distracted online, take a break!

What if I identify as technologically challenged?

Social media missionary is still available to you if you identify as this! A social media influencer does not become one overnight, but it takes a lot of practice and trial and error. Seek help from a member of your church or family to get started and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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